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Mikhail Moiseev

Фото Моисеева Михаила
Associate professor
Polytechnicheskaya str. 21, office 306
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phone : +7(821)297-2238
mail : mmickle at

I am graduated from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University in 1998 and started career in Digitek Labs as software developer and researcher. In 2011 I became PhD, theme of my thesis is "Automatic defect detection in multithreaded programs by static analysis methods".

Research interests

  • Software static analysis
  • Hardware/software system co-design and co-verification
  • Technologies for parallel program development
  • Methods for software reliability estimation
  • Reliability analysis of complex-structured hardware systems
  • Error detection and error correction codes

Educational courses

Current projects

  • Synchronization error detection and reachability analysis for SystemC/TLM designs
  • Aegis MT tool for defect detection on C/C++ multihtreaded programs based on Pthreads

Main publications


  • SERENE2013 M. Moiseev. Static analysis approach for defect detection in multithreaded C/C++ programs in Proceedings of 5th International Workshop SERENE 2013 – Springer, LNCS Vol. 8166

  • DSD2013 M. Moiseev, M. Glukhikh and S. Salishev. A static analysis approach for verification of synchronization correctness of SystemC designs in Proceedings of 16th Euromicro conference on Digital System Design – IEEE, 2013. – pp. 89-96.

  • DESSERT2013 M. Moiseev, M. Glukhikh and H. Richter. A Static Analysis Approach for Formal Verification of Systemc Designs in Radio-Electronic and Computer Systems Journal - Ukraine, KhAI, 2013

  • DDECS2013 M. Moiseev, M. Glukhikh, A. Zakharov and H. Richter. A Static Analysis Approach to Data Race Detection in SystemC Designs in Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems - IEEE, 2013


  • SECR2011 M. Moiseev, M. Glukhikh, A. Karpenko, and H. Richter. Software Reliability Estimation Based on Static Error Detection in Proceedings of the 7th CEE Software Engineering Conference in Russia - IEEE, 2011
  • ISSOC2011 M. Moiseev, A. Zakharov, I. Klotchkov, and S. Salishev. Static Analysis Method for Deadlock Detection in SystemC Designs in Proceedings of International Symposium on System-on-Chip 2011
  • DEPEND2011 Mikhail Glukhikh, Mikhail Moiseev, and Harald Richter. An Approach to the Reliability Analysis of Automotive Control Systems. In Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Dependability, NetWare 2011
  • CSR2011 M.Moiseev and A. Zakharov. Static Data Race Detection in SystemC Parallel Programs. In Proceedings of 6th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia. The Second Workshop on Program Semantics, Specification and Verification: Theory and Applications. Yaroslavl, 2011. pp. 136-143.